School-based Behaviour Support

Swiftly solving behaviours at their root level with easy-to-implement plans by leveraging insight, technology, and evidence-based techniques.

Increasing teacher retention by relieving the hefty burden of behaviour-related issues.

What is School-Based Behaviour Support?

Mainstream schools increasingly suffer with students’ behavioural issues leaving teachers exhausted, and overhwmeled by the discipline and added paper work.

Our solutions are simple and sustainable. We use technology to optimize applied behaviour assessment and combine this with evidence-based positive behaviour support strategies outlined in one pager infographic, easy-to-implement Individualized Behaviour Plans.

It’s a realistic set fee per student with minimal impact on time-poor staff, and maximum ROI.

Because no-one des data and heart like we do.

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Our Commitment to Child Safety

We are committed to supporting an environment that promotes the safety and wellbeing of children and young people as our priority. This policy has been developed to ensure that our organisation is a safe and welcoming place for children and young people, and one where children and young people are equally valued, respected and encouraged to participate. This commitment extends to all children and young people regardless of their abilities, sex, gender, or background.

What people say about us

“Katrina is by far one of the most soulful, insightful, loving and beautiful people I’ve ever met! I can honestly say from the young girl I was when I first met with Katrina to where I am now, I am a completely different person. I’ve completed creative projects I could never see myself finishing, love my new healthy body, found a deeper spiritual connection in life and met the man of my dreams! Katrina’s magic does wonders.”

Becki, Sydney

“Katrina is simply amazing! She is down-to-earth, funny, and uber talented… Not only did she help me shed all that was holding me back, but she also helped me to find bliss in everyday life. Working with Katrina was an absolute joy.”

Dr. L Klein

“Katrina facilitates, through her gentle insights and questions … (and) the wondrous thing of this process, is that the truth, the light, the behavioural pattern is revealed to the patient from within him/herself. We become the truth illuminated – Katrina gently steers our spiritual connection back to ourselves.”

Carla, Marrickville

“I have worked with Katrina on a variety of projects over many years. She is an excellent analyst who can familiarise herself with new topics, ideas and methods very quickly.”

Dr. L Klein

“Katrina is science and magic. She is incurably wise, playful and fun. She brings me joy and rattles my cage in the most delicious way. I love the way she addles my mind with new paradigms…”

Kim, Sutherland Shire

“Katrina, … I did not think someone could get to the heart of things in such an approach, yet I found out that what you do is remarkable… I have NO hesitation in recommending you to people. What you do quite quickly uncovers that which has been hidden, that no longer serves a person…and in the uncovering you take people to the next stage of release just as effectively.”

Mark, Sydney

”It was lovely to meet such a beautiful soul that exudes a wanderlust and strength in areas that the most fearless won’t go. You are very special.”

Mary, Beecroft

“Katrina was able to quickly and intuitively diagnose the root cause of my situation, and offer both practical and spiritual solutions. At all times I felt a genuine warmth and compassion from Katrina, backed by a solid intellect and perceptive presence. I would recommend Katrina to anyone seeking fresh and effective ways forward from their current challenges!”

Peter, Robertson